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New Driving Licence Rules
‘New regulations will reduce traffic congestion’; 26 categories exempted from new driving licence rules

KUWAIT CITY: The Interior Ministry has exempted 26 categories of persons from some of the conditions required for obtaining a driving licence. First Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah Wednesday issued a ministerial decision to amend some provisions of decision No. 81/76 on the Traffic Law. According to the decision Article 85 of the new decision will replace Article 87 of the ministerial order 81/76 as follows: Expatriates, who apply for driving licence, should have a university degree, a salary of not less than KD 400 per month and a valid residence. They should have resided in Kuwait for at least two years before applying for a driving licence provided they meet the conditions on age, and health conditions. All applicants will have to pass a test conducted by the General Traffic Department to receive a driving licence.

The new decision groups applicants for driving licence as follows:

1. drivers coming to work in private and government companies and establishments and government authorities.

2. domestic maids.

3. consultants, judges, members of prosecution, legal experts, lawyers.

4. doctors and pharmacists.

5. professors working in universities, colleges and higher institutes, and teachers.

6. engineers, and assistant engineers.

7. non-Kuwaiti women married to Kuwaiti men.

8. non-Kuwaiti women who are widows or divorcees of Kuwaiti men.

9. non-Kuwaiti men married to Kuwaiti women and their children.

10. imams of the mosques.

11. librarians working at the Education Ministry.

12. nursing staff working in the government and private sector.

13. laboratory and X-ray technicians working in the government sector.

14. journalists and other media personnel.

15. directors and accountants with university degree.

16. sport trainers working in sports federations, clubs and government sector, and players.

17. pilots and assistant pilots.

18. expatriate housewives who have children provided their husbands are eligible to obtain driving licence.

19. students provided they are registered in any one of the universities or applied institutions in Kuwait.

20. company representatives (Mandoub)

21. technicians working in oil companies.

22. consultants (management, economic, commercial, agriculture, law, computer, finance, food, technical) provided they have a university degree attested by the concerned authorities.

23. members of the diplomatic corps.

24. bedouns holding security cards.

25. researchers having university degree working in the government sector.

26. translators having university degree working in the government sector.

According to the new decision people from categories 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24 are exempt from the condition of having a university degree. Applicants who belong to categories 3, 4, 5, 6, 14, 15, 17, 22, 25, 26 are exempt from the condition on the period of residency and salary. In a related development, observers have expressed the hope the new regulations will reduce the traffic congestion in Kuwait, reports Al-Anba. A reliable source said the frequent traffic jams in the country’s arterial roads due to the continuing increase in the number of vehicles have forced government authorities to study all possible options — including the construction of tunnels to end this problem.

An official source at the General Traffic Department said according to the latest statistics the number of vehicles in Kuwait has reached 1.5 million, adding “at least 50 per cent of these vehicles move on the road during peak hours creating serious traffic congestion.” While 30 new vehicles enter Kuwaiti streets everyday only 3 to 6 vehicles are being taken out, he said. Indicating Kuwait stands second next to the United States in the number of vehicles per person, he said, “until three years ago the country was occupying the tenth position.” Claiming on an average there is one vehicle for every two persons in Kuwait, the official warned “such an increase in the number of vehicles will soon paralyse vehicular movement, especially during peak hours.” He expressed the hope the proposed expansion of several major roads in the country will be completed soon to solve the traffic congestion.

::Dated::13th May 2007

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